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Put on your shoes

Posted on 20 April 2015

Small cycle


Obesity is a big issue in the UK, generations are becoming fatter and fatter, with kids being glued to screens all day, and minimal movement outside, the waistline is just expanding. We need to be more active, put down the chicken, and put on your shoes, go for a walk in the incredible city you live in, or even join a sports team, there’s hundreds if not thousands of opportunities to be pro-active.

Here are a few:

Camden Basketball

(Basketball training and session games)

Camden Gymnastics

(Gymnastics in Camden)

Camden Swimming club

(Swimming club in Swiss Cottage)

These are just a select few of the wide range of sports/activity clubs here in Camden. To view the full list of them click here

And if you live outside of Camden in other parts of the UK, just type your postcode on this site, and be sure to get inspired.

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