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Being safe

Being safe is important. If you don’t feel safe it can make you feel unhappy or stop you doing things you enjoy.

The information here can help you make yourself and your friends safe.

If you are worried about anything you should talk about it to an adult.

Read more here:  Childrens guide to child protection

Here is the link to Camden Safeguarding Children Board

and you can find out who you can talk to keep yourself safe  click here


Do you think you or your friend is being harmed by an adult who works with you?


Most adults who work with children want to do the best for them and can be trusted.

However sometimes adults who work with children may harm them by:

  • Physically harming them, such as hitting them
  • Involving them in sexual activity
  • Making them feel unhappy.


If that happens to you or a friend remember it is not your fault and you and your friend can get help to stop it.  Often you will not be sure about what is happening so it is important you have the opportunity to talk to someone you trust and feel comfortable with because that can help you sort things out.  You can talk about it to:Your parents  or another member of your family

  • A teacher from school
  • A social worker
  • The LADO ( Local Authority Designated Officer) who  is responsible for  managing allegations/concerns against adults who work with children
  • A police officer  
  • The NSPCC helpline   0808 800 5000
  • Child line 0800 1111
  • Children’s legal centre


Remember you and your friends do not have to put up with bad behaviour from adults and your worries will be taken seriously








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