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Education – LAC Academy

What is Looked After Children (LAC) Academy?

Camden has a special team of experts called the LAC Academy who help to make sure you are getting the most from your education and making good progress in your grades. They provide help and advice to you, your carer, your social worker and your teacher.

Who are designated teachers for looked after children?

By law, every school has to have a special teacher called a designated LAC teacher whose job is to make sure that all looked after children at the school are getting all the help they need. The designated teacher will make sure that you get support if there are any problems and find the money to get extra resources for you that supports your education.

What is a Personal Education Plan (PEP)

Every looked after child has to have a Personal Education Plan; this is the part of their care plan that sets out what grades they should be getting and what help they will receive to make sure they make this target. You and your carer and social worker will meet every 6 months with your teacher to discuss this plan and set targets for your education for the next 6 months.

Your LAC review

Camden knows that education is very important for looked after children as it is by having good qualifications that you can do well in adult life. To make sure you make the most of your time at school, your Independent Reviewing Officer will check your Personal Education Plan at every LAC review so that they are sure you are making progress and getting the support you need.

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