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Foster carers

What is fostering?

Fostering is about looking after a child who cannot live with their parents. The child will be living in your home for a period of time that could range from a few days to several months or, in some cases, several years.

Why do some children need to be fostered?

There are many reasons why a child is fostered. There may have been an illness in the family where emergency care was required. The child may have suffered abuse or neglect, or a breakdown in family relations. They may have come here unaccompanied from abroad.

What kind of people can foster?

You have to be over 25 years old to foster for Camden. We welcome application from all section of the community, including:

• Childless couples and couples with children
• Single people with or without children
• Lesbians and gay men

We look at all applications individually to see what you can offer our children.

Camden Fostering Service

Information about the fostering service can be found on Camden website:

Watch a video - Camden foster carers talk about fostering:


More information


• Attend upcoming open events  for prospective foster carers.
• Download an information pack or contact the fostering team in Camden.


BAFTA-winning actress honours Camden foster carers


The dedication of Camden’s foster carers has been given special recognition at the foster carers awards event held on 17 May 2013.

Awards were presented by BAFTA-winning actress Imelda Staunton - pictured with Camden foster carers. Imelda attended the annual event to recognise and reward the borough’s foster carers for long service of five, ten, fifteen and twenty years.

The gathering was a great opportunity for Camden to celebrate local foster carers’ hard work, enthusiasm and commitment to caring for children. The event also highlighted the urgent need for more foster carers to come forward to offer children a supportive family home.

Imelda Staunton said: “Looking after children takes real energy and a very warm heart. I am very impressed by the commitment and hard work of Camden foster carers and how many children and young people will have benefited from their kindness.”

The event was part of national Foster Care Fortnight.;jsessionid=46FD9CE8697D04FFE30CA3EEC8233904

The Camden Association for Foster Carers


The Camden Association for Foster Carers  (CAFC) website has information about events, training and other resources for foster carers - visit the website here.

The Foster carers’ newsletter


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