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Relationships and Positive Identity 

Care leavers often report feeling lonely and feel they have no-one to turn to for help and support. To overcome this, your personal advisor will:

  • Help you to maintain contact with important people in your life so you can build a support network.
  • Put you in touch with organisations that can provide mentors or other one to one support.
  • Advise and support you should you choose to return home to live with your family.


Other support available:

  • Camden has a designated Participation Officer who can help care leavers take an active role in designing services for care leavers. This includes membership of the Children in Care Council and other forums where you can work with councillors and senior council officers to improve your services.
  • Your personal advisor can also advise you on how you can take up volunteering opportunities so you can make a difference to your local neighbourhood environment and help other people.
  • Your personal advisor may be able to put you in touch with a mentor or organisation who can provide extra one to one support.
  • For care leavers, understanding your history can be important as it can help you come to terms with difficult topics and get a clear perspective on what has happened to you. Your personal advisor should be able to help you find out about your pre- care life and how you can go about accessing your file.
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