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Health and Wellbeing 

Camden aims to make sure you can look after your health and follow a healthy lifestyle so you can enjoy good health throughout your life. At 18, the LAC nurse will:

  • Give you a discharge summary or “health passport” with your medical history and any outstanding health issues.
  • Give you any relevant information about your family’s health history if this may affect your long-term health.
  • Offer you advice on your health and signpost you to where you can get help for health issues such as contraception, sexual health, mental health or substance misuse.
  • Make any necessary transfers to adult health services.

Other health support available:

  • The FWD drug and alcohol team that provides a substance misuse service for young people up to 25. Tel: 020 7974 4701
  • Minding the Gap mental health transition service that helps young people aged 18-24 who have mental health difficulties and are moving on from Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services to adult mental health services or need additional support to engage with professional help.
    Tel: 07767636266
  • Camden’s Icope provides a confidential on-line therapy service for adults to help them cope with problems such as stress, worry, depression and insomnia.
  • The Brandon Centre offers young people advice on sexual health, contraception and emergency contraception as well as counselling.
    Tel: 020 7267 4792
  • Brook Euston offers advice on sexual health, contraception and pregnancy.
    Tel: 020 7387 8700
  • Sexual health advice, including access to free condoms and testing can also be found at venues and pharmacies across Camden. For details see:
  • The Hive (Catch 22) provides a health and wellbeing service for 16-24 year olds in Camden offering help around sexual health, substance misuse and mental health and wellbeing.
    Tel 020 3198 0521
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