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Camden Local Offer for Care Leavers

If you are leaving care, you may be worried about what will happen to you, where you’ll be living and how you’ll manage, as well as what happens if things don’t work out.  Most young people continue to get support from their parents even after leaving home, and as a corporate parent, Camden will continue to support care leavers as they move towards independence.

Camden has a duty to make sure that young people who have been looked after by the council continue to get the support they need to make a smooth move to independent living once they leave care so that they can be successful in adult life.

To do this, we will make sure:

  • You are well-supported by your professional network, including your personal advisor, your housing pathway key worker and any other professional working with you
  • There is always someone available that you can contact for help in an emergency;
  • You have a safe, stable and suitable place to live and that you have an opportunity to learn the practical skills you need for independent living;
  • You can take up education, training and employment opportunities and become financially independent;
  • You know how to get advice about local services so you can access suitable support from a wide range of agencies;
  • There is a contingency plan in place so that if things don’t work out you can get back on track quickly.
Am I eligible for support and what is available?
Can I leave care before 18 and is it advised?
Can I still receive support aged 21-25 and what happens?
Where can I live and what support will I receive?
Can I get advice and support on money matters?
Can I get SEND, university, apprenticeship support and more?
Can I get help looking after myself physically and mentally?
Where can I turn for support with loneliness, confidence and more?
Who can I contact for help and advice and when?