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Children's weight programme video

New programmes by Healthy Camden started across Camden for children, young people and the...

Created by BachChat Admin

Posted on Wednesday 03 December 2014

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Healthy living survey

We are working to improve our healthy lifestyle and wellbeing services and want the opinions o...

Created by BackChat Admin

Posted on Wednesday 29 October 2014

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What families say about Camden specialist children's services

 Camden Healthwatch  have asked families to give feedback about their experience of ...

Created by Backchat Admin

Posted on Wednesday 24 September 2014

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Young Inspectors

 All about your health! We are Camden Young Inspectors. We are inspecting the health ...

Created by Adeel, Jessica and Jack

Posted on Tuesday 05 August 2014

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Telehealth - new service launch

 My name is Jennie and I’ve have been working for Central and North West London (CN...

Created by Backchat admin

Posted on Monday 14 July 2014

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