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The Letter Box Club

The Letterbox Club is an award winning programme managed by Booktrust, in partnership with the...

Created by BackChat Admin

Posted on Friday 30 May 2014

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Arts Award Qualification

Created by BackChat Admin

Posted on Friday 28 March 2014

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City opportunities for care leavers at London South Bank University

Created by BackChat Admin

Posted on Friday 07 February 2014

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Want to work in live broadcast?

  If you’re aged 18-25 and not currently studying or working,...

Created by BackChat Admin

Posted on Friday 24 January 2014

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King's College event for looked after children

King’s College is holding an event for looked after children and care leavers on Saturday 7th ...

Created by BackChat admin

Posted on Wednesday 27 November 2013

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Camden sixth formers’ university hopes boosted by Cambridge college

Sixth formers across the borough are being offered expert advice and support to help them get ...

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Posted on Tuesday 26 November 2013

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Success School

The Dialogue Society Success School offers young people ( 16-25) extra inspiration, encouragem...

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Posted on Thursday 10 October 2013

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LAC Academy – Nat’s Blog

Did you know that you take 25,000 breaths every day? Or that a zeptosecond is one-billiont...

Created by Natalie White

Posted on Friday 02 August 2013

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Blackberry Scholars Programme – Global Women’s Initiative

The “BlackBerry Scholars Programme”, the first step in its global women’s initiative, is desig...

Created by EC

Posted on Friday 07 June 2013

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May’s Blog from the Virtual School

What is a Virtual School? At the moment it is a group of teachers who keep an eye on the e...

Created by NW

Posted on Wednesday 29 May 2013

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