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Camden Children in Care Council

Posted on 29 July 2020

Camden CiCC conversations during COVID - 19 lockdown

During COVID - 19 lockdown children and young people in care and care leavers joined weekly Children in Care Council (CiCC) online conversations.

Main themes of conversations ahve included:

  1. How are young people coping with the social isolation and what difficulties they experience?
  2. What has been a positive experience or something you did , that made you feel good?
  3. Health problems : physical and mental health
  4. Top tips to keep positive and motivated
  5. New things young people have learnt or discovered about themselves or their environment
  6. What young people are looking forward to once the lockdown is lifted?
  7. What information and help young people need from Camden services during lockdown
  8. Life after lockdown: what young people are worried about , what adjustments they may need to think about and make when returning back to school, sports activities and meetings with social workers.



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