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BackChat website updates

Posted on 19 February 2016

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We are celebrating 3 years of the Backchat website this year!

The Back Chat online participation website was developed and designed in partnership with young people. It was launched in April 2013!

The website informs CYP how to participate in upcoming consultations; contains information on the impact they have made in past consultations and hosts Young Reporters videos which provide information for CYP about the teams and services they use. The online format ensures that participation is accessible to all CYP including those living out of borough.

We are now making improvements to the website to make sure it can be viewed on mobiles and tablets. We are also updating  design of some of the pages and making it easy to share your favourite photos and pages with information

We need ideas and feedback from young people to make the BackChat webiste right for you. Please join us at the CiCC meeting on Wednesday 9th March 2016. Send an e-mail to find out more about the meeting.

If you prefer to send your suggestions, please use the comments space below.



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