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16+ Employability Workshop!

Posted on 23 July 2015

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­Last week the 16+ service held an employability workshop for care leavers. The care leavers were treated to a few workshops aswell as meeting job agencies such as West Euston Partnership to give advice and guidance on employability to  the young people.

The first workshop of the day was a confidence building one, which got everyone up and on their feet. There was a variety of activites which mostly included blindfolds and another person guiding them, which were trust and confidence building exercises.

The second activity of the day was an interview workshop, where the young people got to find out about techniques and tips on interviewing. The workshop included tasks such as working with someone you have not worked before, getting to know them in 5 minutes and then presenting what you know about the person in front of the group.

Overall the day was a great success and one lucky young person one a Ipad Air in a raffle, the 16+ are looking to plan another one next years, keep a look out if you would like to attend next year.

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