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Spring Party

Posted on 10 April 2015


Spring Party

On the 8th April, young people from the 16+ services were treated to an afternoon of fun from egg and spoon races to winning prizes. The afternoon was extremely engaging getting a room full of teenagers, social workers, and PA’s participating in activities and eating the variety of food on offer. Around 1pm we started off with a round of human bingo which broke the ice, learning people’s names and finding out random facts about one another was a great start to the event. From ice breaking to team building, we arranged team egg and spoon races, racing from one side of the room to the other, tagging your partner in by swiftly transferring the egg and spoon into your team members’ hands.

A range of activities were played throughout the afternoon, everyone was involved, which made it a very engaging event, a lot of smiling and laughing, and a lot of prizes being won. All in all, the 16+ team arranged a great afternoon, and everyone who attended seemed like they had a great time.

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