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Finding the pedals

Posted on 27 March 2015

The apprentice 11

Becoming an apprentice has been like riding a bike, at the beginning there’s a lot of stopping and starting but that’s understandable when you need to learn the fundamentals of the role, when your feet are firmly positioned, prepare to feel the bumpy, the smooth and the un-tarmacked road ahead.  There are a lot of new faces, which means a lot of new names, from Aaron to Zali and a hundred names in between, you’re bound to get confused at one point. I’m a Participation Apprentice; it took me a few weeks, to grasp the concept of my job, from meeting to meeting and a lot of questions, I gained the outline of the role and realised how lucky I am to be in this position, working with an arrange of people across the various departments in the council.

I’m pedalling through my apprenticeship, my hands are stuck to the handlebars and time is zooming, three months into a twelve month contract, absorbing as I speed, from my eyes, from my ears, from my hands through my body and straight up to my brain, experience is becoming my new white blood cells helping me through foreign situations.  The experience of real life work; organising events to supporting health consultations to writing blogs, the knowledge, experience and networks  I am gaining is in-valuable; it’s the difference from studying in a classroom and first-hand experience in an apprenticeship. I’m currently typing away from the 9th floor of one of King’s Cross’ new buildings, where the future is really here, watching the ordinary builder building the extraordinary London skyline I guess classes as one of the perks of the job. It’s not all been staring out of windows there’s been a lot of hills to climb and with nine months left I’d be naïve to think there isn’t many more hills ahead, but when I get to the end I know I’ve gained the know-how to keep me pedalling for many more years to come.

An inside look in an apprentice’s outlook

Created by: Mohammed Samad