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Yoga classes

Posted on 26 September 2014

Yoga box2

 I ran three yoga classes for the Summer Madness program and they were well attended by both staff and young people, although it would be great to get more young people involved!

I was impressed by how many young people turned up for yoga considering it was 11am and not the usual kind of class a young person would take.  I really enjoyed running the sessions and was glad to help people relax, reduce their stress and leave feeling lighter and more in tune with their bodies. I was also amazed at the skill level considering many had never done yoga before and were quite flexible.  Who knows how much more flexible they could become with more practice!

Yoga means ‘union’ of mind and body -  and from the feedback it seemed that participants certainly felt ‘at one’ during the sessions.  If anyone is interested in having more sessions please indicate your interest to 16 + and we can look at running more sessions including at young people’s placements.

Created by: Eve Livaditis