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Savvy shopping with Jackie and Alana

Posted on 05 August 2014

Savvy shopping

 Hi Savvy Shoppers, we would all love to shop for the Bling and look like a million dollar models or look like the girls and boys in the only way is Essex TV show.  But in reality, we have limited money and have to budget and ensure all our bills are managed and paid each week.

How can we do that on a limited budget, we hear you ask?  Well, here are some tips from Jackie and Alana, queens of cheap shopping!

1. Shopping in the sales, this happens regularly, in all stores at least four times a year! Christmas, Easter, Summer and Autumn, follow the season’s trends and stay up to date with latest fashion’s at half the cost.  Save your money up and get twice as much fashion for your pound!

2. Shop online- here are some great ideas:                                                                   

eBay – see something you like, from another shop -  look on eBay and see if you can get the same thing cheaper? Ebay is great for clothes, Shoes, Bags, Makeup, Designer names and household items – and you can get most of the items delivered to your home - post and packing Free!

Now this is a great on line shop – It’s called -  (clothes, shoes, bags the lot and everything is a fiver!) amazing value!

The Pound shop, is always a must for everyday items like shampoo, body wash, makeup and household items etc, again everything is a pound or some are 99p 

Pound stretcher’s is local and offers good food and household bargains.

Iceland for your favourite foods, most of the time they have offers, such as buy one get one free and they guarantee no artificial flavours or colourings etc.    

What about having a swapping party? Invite some of your friends to bring clothes they no longer want or wear and see if you can swap them with some of your clothes that you no longer wear.  This is another way of getting something for free

Are you into vintage clothing?  Checkout the charity shops, jumble sales, and car boot sales, you  never know what you might find.  These are also ideal places to learn to customise your clothes, reuse it and literary make your item into something else, which is unique to yourself. You never know somebody else might like it and ask you to make one for them – this could be new hobby or become an enterprise.

 But do not forget to pay the most important bills in your household!!

Pay your RENT and Services Charges because without a roof over your head – your clothes are worthless.        

Jackie and Alana will bring you another exciting episode in part two, where we will discuss how to manage your household bills and still have money to buy that special purchase!

 Until then, savvy shoppers Jackie and Alana signing out!


Created by: Jackie and Alana