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Mosaic Youth Centre

Posted on 14 July 2014

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Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre is aimed at YOU! providing you are aged 13-19 and identify as lesbian/gay/bisexual/trans (LGBT) or are questioning/exploring your sexuality or gender identity. You can access a lot of services that can be both fun and beneficial.

Youth Club

Youth Club takes place every Wednesday from 6.30 – 9.00 pm and offers you the opportunity to meet new friends, take part in interesting workshops and chill out amongst people who share similar experiences around relationships, ‘coming out’ and so on. Every week youth workers are at hand organising interesting activities to take part in like jewellery making, dance and self-defence. These are voluntary to take part in so you can choose to be involved or not. Once a month there is also an outing to cinema, theatre, ice skating or theme park that are always fun - these are normally free of charge to active members. Mosaic will not inform your guardians that you attend LGBT youth club – it is entirely confidential.


You might think it is a bit old fashioned concept, but Mosaic believes that young people might not necessarily feel comfortable browsing through LGBT themed books and DVDs in their local library so you can now do it in the safety of your LGBT youth club. You are very welcome to take any two items for up to 3 weeks. You will be surprised how many books and DVDs are actually out there!


As your youth centre Mosaic is concerned about your wellbeing and you can access sexual health advice and guidance at the Centre during youth club hours. This is also a confidential service.

Employability and Education

If you struggle with choosing the right path Mosaic will help you with your CV building, creating a personal statement and anything else that you need in order to succeed in the modern job market. Get in touch to book your appointment


Mentoring offers a space for you to talk to someone professional about all the things that worry you like ‘coming out’, relationships, bullying or anything else that you feel you couldn’t otherwise address. Everything you discuss with your mentor is confidential unless the safety or wellbeing of someone is at risk. You can call or text to book your appointment today.

If you are interested in accessing the Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre, you can contact them directly via their contact page: or speak with your Social Worker or Personal Advisor for more information.

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