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My journey as young apprentice

Posted on 14 January 2014

Young apprentice

My journey at Camden Council has come to an end.

12 months ago, I started my apprenticeship in Camden’s economic development team with the hopes of progressing into something even bigger, better and more challenging. Those aspirations have been fulfilled, as I will be taking up a new job working at a digital marketing firm called ‘This is Zone’ based in the heart of the Kings Cross development.

In my apprenticeship, which was also my first ever office job, I got involved in many different aspects ranging from project work, marketing, recruitment and youth advice. The part I enjoyed the most was definitely marketing. Economic development has three e-newsletters and I took full control of two of those and absolutely loved promoting various services in the borough.

My experience at Camden has taught me so much – even the basic skills I’ve picked up here are valuable. Most importantly, it allowed me to realise my passion for design and marketing, something I wouldn’t have grasped had I not done an apprenticeship.

Camden Council – a great place to work

Camden Council was a great place to work and I’m going to miss it. The fact that it’s committed to providing a great service to the community and helping the borough flourish, means there’s a real feel good factor about the place.

Nevertheless, the time has come for me to take the step over to the competitive world of the private sector. In my new job I will be working on really big marketing campaigns, for companies such as BT Sport and Coca-Cola’s ‘Share a Coke’, so there are exciting times ahead. Camden has always been a trendy borough, and with companies like Zone and Google being based here the creative industry in Camden will be booming.

After getting further years of experience under my belt, I’d love to be a senior web designer/developer. I think Zone is the right place to be, as it’s a rapidly growing firm. Without Camden Apprenticeships, I wouldn’t have been able to get myself to the stage even where I could begin to think of getting into digital marketing.

My advice to young people who are doing an apprenticeship or are thinking of doing one would be to take as much out of it as you can. My apprenticeship at the council was a business administration role, but I hardly did any admin. I got involved in so many different things, to the extent that I didn’t really know what my role was in the end!

I’m happy I did get so involved, because I picked up so many skills, which I will take into my new role.

Camden Apprenticeships offers support to employers in and around Camden to set up apprenticeship schemes and recruit the best Camden young people for their business.

We work with young people aged 16-24 who live in Camden or who attended a Camden Secondary School, to make sure they have access to apprenticeship vacancies. We’ve already placed over 300 apprentices like Mamun into work with local employers from a range of different industries and sectors.



Created by: Mamun - Camden Apprentice