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Camden's Young MP

Posted on 31 October 2013

Csf participation e bulletin october 2013

Camden Young MP Jabeen Rizvi

 I have had the privilege of attending the Annual Sitting of the UK Youth Parliament for both 2012 which took place at Nottingham University and 2013 which was at Leeds University.

 The recent sitting completely surpassed my expectations with so many passionate and engaged young people all with their constituents’ interests at heart.

The weekend was one with diverse discussions and debates ranging from the national voting age, 16-19 bursary funds and the value of work experience. It was also a vital opportunity to share experiences with Youth Representatives from other boroughs and regions - making me feel proud to be part of such an ambitious and dedicated community of young people.

 The aims are very clear now as we approach the Make Your Mark Ballots push in order to survey as many young people as possible to decide our national campaign.

Once these Ballots are collected, the final debate will culminate at the House of Commons, another very prestigious event.

 The UK Youth Parliament is a shining example of how young people can make a difference and how we are making a difference with many successes.

 I hope the new Camden Young MP will take inspiration from these opportunities and will lead the Camden Youth Council to further achievements!

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