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Concerned about measles?

Posted on 14 May 2013

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Hi, my name is Tina Aderibigbe. I am the Specialist Community Nurse for children and young people and some of you might have met me already for annual Health Assessment or for immunisations.

I would like to explain about the measles as you may have heard many views about it recently at school or in media.

Measles is a highly infectious virus, characterised by cold-like symptoms, a high fever and blotchy, slightly elevated pink rashes on the face, which spread to the rest of the body.

It could cause complications such as pneumonia, middle-ear infection or more serious complication.

If you have had 2 doses of MMR vaccinations, which most of you have, you do not need to worry.

If you have received a letter from me for your MMR vaccinations, please ensure that you get the injections.

If you are worried or not sure if you need the injection, you can contact me on 020 3317 2409.

Created by: Tina Aderibigbe