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Welcome to Back Chat online!

If you are from Camden and have a social worker, this website is for YOU.


What's Happening?

  • College training courses Students

    Capital City College Training Courses Capital City College are delivering classroom based...

  • College open days Students

    College open days and sixth form Further education colleges have published open days event...

  • Visit to Cambridge University Students

    Opportunity to visit Cambridge University A visit to Cambridge University for young people...



  • Camden Youth Safety Ae9d3eb4 ed6e 41f2 8e1a a78b37608f00

    Camden Youth Safety fortnight 27th July - 10 August 2022 Camden Youth Safety Fortnight gets un...

  • Mental health week 9-18 May 2022

    Mental health awareness week May 9-18, 2022 Covid 19 lockdown had a major impact on our mental...

  • 16+ education, employment and training

    For more information about Camden's education, employment and training local offer for care l...

  • Camden Children in Care Council conversations

    Camden Children in Care Council conversations A series of CICC conversations and workshops fro...